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Black Bromance Image Archive


     Imagery of Black men being intimate outside of a lustful or violent context are rarely documented or promoted in media. It is with this social barrier that I began an archive of found imagery that I collect from various platforms such as (but not limited to) social media, television, and in person experiences. The images I select for this archive cover a wide range of intimacy from a simple shoulder-to-shoulder poses to an intimate body caress and forehead kiss. This wide range of representation is meant to represent as many aspects of Black males displaying affection in ways that are not hyper sexualized. This collection of images challenge the social barriers of intimacy "allowed" by American society and speak to the need for more of this imagery in a more expanded realm. 

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to some of these images and I do not claim them as my own. These images have been found and archived for reference and is not a claim of creation by the artist.

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