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“With Black Boy Magic—We Fly High”, 2024
“Thankful for your presence”, 2023
“Facing the sun—my Son with Love at your back”, 2023
“Brother Bees: Our Respite of Sweet Honey”, 2023
“Nurturing Violets: schlumped with my bro”, 2023
“Me and my Lil’ squeeze”, 2023
“For you bruh: A flower, kiss, and fuck to give”, 2023
Don’t look at me cry bruh, 2022
God’s warmth of a Sonset, 2022
“It’s just allergies my nigga”—A Brother’s Love is Evergreen, 2022
Crown thy good with brotherhood
Luh you boy
CAUTION CUDDLE: The Danger of protecting y Homie
Imma pray with you Bruh
Within the comfort of my Brother
It's our shoulder punk
Black Boy Joy wit ma homeboy
Its Okay Bruh
Runinn' tha Streetz
Danny Boi
Aw nigga, preciate it, 2020
Give me some love bruh, 2019
Real men feel pink, 2019
I'm here for you bruh, 2019
You're safe now bruh, 2019
I gotchu bruh, 2019
Love ya bruh, 2019
Sentimentally Sagging, 2019
Its all love dawg, 2019
Black boys cuddle too, 2019
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